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Drew Lobis-Clark County Titans Youth Foundation

Hello student athletes and parents.  My name is Drew Lobis and I am an 8th grade student at Shahala Middle School.  I run track and cross-country and also play basketball for Shahala.  When I started my 7th grade season, I turned in my running spikes from my 6th grade season to my coaches.  Because I had outgrown them, I couldn’t use them anymore, but knew they were still in great shape.  The idea was that they could hopefully give them to someone else to use who maybe wouldn’t have them otherwise.  It was a great experience, when I actually saw girls running in my shoes later!

When I saw that by turning in my old gear, I could help others have access to that gear, I got an idea!  I started thinking that others may be willing to do the same thing.  As part of the Clark County Titans Youth Foundation, I started a program where student athletes could turn in sports gear to the coaches or to me when they have finished with it.  I am then going to clean and store the equipment.  When a coach or teacher sees a situation where a kid could use a certain item, they could contact me to see if that item is available.  I have already started accepting donations and was recently contacted by a staff member at Shahala to see if I had a pair of soccer shoes for an athlete who could use them?  I was thrilled to be able to provide him with soccer shoes for his upcoming season.

I could use your help!  If you are willing to donate any sports related gear to my program, your donation could help another athlete in our district be able to play a sport.  All donations are tax deductible under the non-profit tax-exempt status of the foundation.  You could either turn items in to the coaches, who will get them to me, or you could contact me directly and I will make arrangements to pick the items up.  I am currently accepting any sports related shoes, clothing and gear.  My hope is to help other athletes play sports with the confidence that comes with being in the right gear.

You can contact me at 360-210-4343 or at with any donations.   Items can also be turned in to your coach and I will pick them up.  Thanks for your help!