Click below to see the donation list for this year's auction!

Class Baskets! Here are this year's class basket themes for the auction in May. Find your student's first CORE teacher and you will see the theme. Have fun and donate what you can!

J. Jones: Tea Party
G. Helland : Indulge me and Summer fun
D. Steffens: Simple Tech
M. Carter: Beach Fun
J. Evers: Curl up with a good book
S. Braden: Candyland
M. Sullivan/ Crouston: Coffee or Tea?
D. Ellis: Arts and Crafts
P. Warner: Super Hero
S. Scott: Movie time
C. Yurasko: Garden Time
J. Pak: Games
K. Morningstar: Camping/ Outdoors
A. Roescoe: Camping/Outdoors
A. Williams: Camping/ Outdoors
P. Carpenter: Camping/Outdoors
J. Damon: Wacky Snacky
M. Gorchels: Starwars and supplies
M. Love: Coffee
D. Kotsovos: Coffee
H. Ireland: Gift card Bouquet