Shahala PTO Meeting Minutes
August 17, 2015

Attendees:   Stephanie Brachman, Rebecca Cruz, Brianna Ehlinger, , Marc Iacovetta, Leah Martizia, Anne Mauboussin, Christina Miliken, Jill Watson, Cynthia Yurosko. 

Meeting was called to order at 4:05.  

Marc made some introductory comments.

There were some changes to the June minutes.  1.) Christina’s name was misspelled as Christine in the Concessions section.  2.) Jennie Hoheisel should have been listed as co-chair of the Teacher Appreciation committee.  Both changes were made.  Brianna motioned to approve minutes.  Leah seconded.  Motion approved.  

President’s Report - Marc
Marc has been in the office to ask what assistance we can give for the first few weeks of school.  

6th grade orientation –  Marc has received permission to say a few words to the parents at Orientation.  Marc will make communication a priority, noting it’s a hard adjustment for 6th grade parents from getting a lot of information from school to very little direct communication.  He has created a handout with all the different ways parents can keep in touch.  He will have it out at all PTO events and will leave copies in the office.  
We should also get volunteer forms to hand out at 6th grade orientation, to encourage parents to choose how they might want to contribute during the year.  We think Jeanette might have the form that they used last year.  
We’ll need a slogan for the direct contribution campaign.  Cynthia suggested getting a paypal account for online contributions.  (See below.)
Teacher Breakfast – will be on Wed., August 26th.  Their meeting starts at 8, so we need to have food there by 7:30.  Cynthia suggested that “grab and go” food is helpful.  We can use the Keurig for coffee.  Leah will get Keurig pods, creamer, sugar.  Christina will check paper supplies to see if any are needed.  Marc will ask Seize the Bagel to see if they will contribute.  Leah will set up sign up genius to have people sign up to bring food.  Marc or Anne will figure out how to get on the gmail account to send out a blast email.  Anne will post it to facebook.  
We’ll also need volunteers for the following:  first day of school; book fair; and  picture day (volunteers get free pictures; PTO members can go get their picture taken for a badge).
We will not have a potluck this year.  It’s too late to put one together.  
Next meeting is on September 14 at 6:3o; executive committee will meet at 6:00.  Note that this is different from what was listed on the agenda.  

Treasurer Report - Stephanie 
Stephanie passed out the most recent budget.  This budget is missing $500 that did not get moved over.  She’s working with Nancy and Florence to sort out why.  There are also a few thousand dollars in spring grants that still need to be reimbursed.  She is hoping to pay those out by August 30th, so she can start fresh on September 1st.  

There should be a $400 check from Fred Meyer that PTO hasn’t collected yet.  There was speculation that it may take a few days to get from the district mail service to Shahala.  Marc will keep an eye out for it.  Fred Meyer notifies Rebecca and the PTO gmail account when a check is coming.  

Taxes have been paid.  

Fundraising - Brianna  
We discussed restaurant fundraisers.  McMenamins friends and family is a lucrative one, because they include everyone who walks through the door, not just those with a flyer.  It’s also a 50/50 split.  Red Robin, Wendy’s, menchie’s were all discussed.  It was noted that the fundraisers can get tricky since restaurants don’t always follow through and pay the school.  
The group tried to brainstorm ideas for the direct contribution incentive.  Leah came up with the slogan “Ten and done.”  The campaign will run until the end of the semester (on 12/4).  We can then assess how much we have raised and whether or not we need a spring fundraiser.  
We discussed having a raffle at the end of 6th grade orientation to encourage parents to pay the $10 that night.  We have raffle tickets.  We can ask the parents to put the name of their child on the back of the ticket.  One ticket for every $10 donated.  We can then raffle off some sort of gift card (menchie’s or elsewhere.)

Box Tops/ Rewards - Rebecca

Safeway will no longer participate in the eScrip program.  Rebecca believes that the income we received from eScrip was mostly from Safeway.  The decision was made to no longer encourage participation in the eScrip program.  She suggests we sign up with amazon smile instead.  Through this program, if you order through the website, ½ percent will go go directly back the the organization.  Everyone thought it was a good idea.  She will pursue participation in this program.  Anne will take the escrip link off the web site.  

Concessions –  Christina/ Jill

Christina handed out the sports schedule for the year.  We will sell at home football games, boys basketball, wrestling, and track.  She will set up sign up genius when appropriate and send link out to spread the word.   

Teacher Liaison - Cynthia

Cynthia had a request from Shawn Scott (7th grade math teacher).  He is hoping to host math nights for students who are placed in grade level math.  Once a trimester, he’d invite students and families to come see what they’re teaching, to help give support for those families who might need it.  He would invite 200 kids.  As it’s a new program, he’s not sure how many would come.  He’s requesting PTO pay for pizza and drinks, and have someone there to help with the refreshments.  The first one would be September 22 or 23rd.   We thought maybe we could ask families to RSVP so we’d know how much pizza to get.  Cynthia will work with Shawn to come up with a written proposal and will email Marc when it’s done.  We can then figure out where the money is coming from and vote on it.    

Meeting was adjourned at 5:45.

Respectifully submitted,

Anne Mauboussin

2016 - 2017 School Year Minutes

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