Box Tops

Box Tops for Education gives out FREE money to schools every year.  Our earnings goal this year is $500.  Let's achieve that goal together and have fun doing so!

Our next deadline will be February 13, 2018.

The top 3 homerooms that turn in the most Box Tops will win a treat party.  

IN ADDITION, for every valid 50 Box Tops turned in, your student will be entered into random drawings for chances to win gift cards.  The more Box Tops you turn in, the greater your chances of winning!!

Step 1:  Collect 50 (unexpired) Box Tops

Step 2:  Put them in a sealed baggie with 


6th grade - Use your 1st period teacher(s).

7th grade - Use your 3rd period teacher(s).

8th grade - Use your 1st period teacher(s).

Step 3:  Turn in your labeled baggie of 50 Box Tops to your teacher by February 13th.  

We will also accept Box Tops on a 50 count collection sheet.  

The more Box Tops you turn in, the greater your chances of winning!!

   Please make sure you are submitting unexpired Box Tops.  

Download the form below!

Direct Donation Fund Drive!

$10 and Done!

Where does the money go?

As Shahala parents, you may ask yourself, "Why do we have to do another fundraiser?!  Where is all this money going?"  Well, let us tell you.  You raised over $12,000 in net income last year.
How?  The funds were raised through the following:
Shahala Showcase
Concession sales
Fred Meyer Community Rewards
Box Tops
Restaurant fundraisers

Where did the money go?  This is how some of those funds were used:  
Books and Scholastic magazines for Humanities 
Software, educational games, modeling clay and fraction tiles for Math
Safety googles, stopwatches, microscope lenses and slides, magnet levitation kits and newton's cradles for Science
Books for Special Ed
Words resource box and sensory materials for Life Skills
Drawing pencils for Art
Chair cart for Band
Hydro grow system for Cooking
Scripts for Drama
Books for Mythology
8th grade farewell party
Emergency kits for each classroom
Backpacks for Shahala students in need
and treats to show appreciation to our great Shahala staff!

Thank you for supporting Shahala PTO!  You support us and we support Shahala students and staff!  Here's to another great year!

Rewards Program

Fred Meyer Rewards 

Fred Meyer will give FREE money to our school just by you registering your Fred Meyer Rewards Card and then shopping at their store. It’s easy and it’s NO additional COST to you! You will still earn your gas points and rewards. You’ll just be telling Fred Meyer who you want THEM to contribute to. 

It’s so easy to get FREE MONEY for Shahala! 

Step 1: Sign in at

or click the link below. (Fred Meyer does not allow us to register your card for you)


Step 2: Create an online account if you don’t already have one. 
Step 3: Link your Fred Meyer Rewards card to Shahala PTO (#84501). 
Step 4: Shop at Fred Meyer! 
Step 5: Scan your registered Fred Meyer Rewards Card at the checkout counter. 
A percentage of your purchases will be automatically contributed to Shahala PTO! 


Have questions? If so, e-mail us at