Board Positions

The following is a brief description of each position:

Executive Committee


The President must oversee the entire board and fill any gaps in the action.  The President plans the budget for the year for the board to vote on.  All bylaws should be followed and the budget watched carefully.  The President is responsible for maintaining legal documents for the PTO, including, but not limited to filing incorporation paperwork, Charitable Solutions and tax status with the treasurer.  The President leads all meetings and is always a member of the Grant Committee.  The President is expected to be at the Shahala social events, such as Orientation, Open Houses, Curriculum Nights, and Eagle Pride Night.  The President shall be one of two check signers.  Must have at least one year experience in an Executive position on the Shahala PTO.

Vice President (Vacant)

May assume the responsibilities of the President if the President is absent or unable to carry out duties.  Shall be one of two check signers of all SPTO checks and drafts.  Shall oversee Fundraising and all revenue generating activities.  Shall communicate effectively with all members of the SPTO.  Shall maintain a file and be responsible for all documents, records and communications of the SPTO.  Shall maintain a written record of all meetings.  Shall be responsible for correspondence with all SPTO members via email account.  Must communicate effectively with other members of the board and all volunteers.  Must have at least one year experience in an Executive position on the Shahala PTO.


Shall be responsible for all financial transactions and tax filing for SPTO.  Shall provide an updated report at each meeting.  Shall maintain and file tax reports for SPTO.  Shall be one of two check signers.  Shall maintain a permanent record of all financial records for SPTO.  Shall insure that all monies generated from SPTO fundraising activities are in compliance with SPTO fiscal policies that are outlined the bylaws.  Shall communicate effectively with other members and volunteers to they may effectively perform their tasks.  Must have at least one year experience in an Executive position on the Shahala PTO.


The Fundraising oversees any money making ventures.  Shall work closely with the President and the school principal to preparing and conducting fundraising activities.  Shall designate Chair members and oversee committees in which funds are raised.Shall oversee all fundraising activities, such as the Fall Fundraiser, The Spring Fundraiser, Concessions, Eagle pride Night Auction and more.  Shall organize volunteers as needed, track and report funds.  Shall communicate effectively with members and volunteers.May assume the role of President, if the President and Vice President/Secretary are absent or unable to carry out their duties.

Volunteer Coordinator 

Shall generally have responsibility for the recruitment and management of volunteers for various PTO functions and events.  Shall maintain effective lists of volunteer names, email addresses and phone numbers.  Shall have access to SPTO email as needed to recruit and communicate with volunteers.  Shall update volunteer signup sheets as needed and give to all parents.

Grant Coordinator 

Shall ensure grant request forms are accurate/updated and available to teachers.  Shall coordinate with the teacher liaison to ensure current deadlines and information are communicated to all teaching staff.  Shall assemble Fall and Spring Grant committees with the SPTO President and a minimum of 2 other volunteers either from the Executive board, Committee Chairs or Members-At-Large.  Shall work the the Teacher Liaison to review all grant requests.  Shall develop and maintain a tracking system for all grant requests and disbursements and declines.  Shall be present in the meetings to report to the board grant progress. Shall work closely with the treasurer to ensure grants are within budgeted allowances.

Non Executive Positions

Box Top Chair 

Shall promote Box Top program, working with Teacher Liaison and staff to ensure success.  Shall be familiar with Box Top rules, regulations and deadlines. 

Concessions Chair (Committee)

Shall Keep current inventory of concessions, be responsible for keeping shed clean and organized.  Shall make every effort to find volunteers in a timely manner.  Shall communicate with appropriate people at the school to them aware of which events Concessions will be provided,  Shall coordinate with the school advisor for shakers, choir, orchestra, band or any other school related function to determine if Concessions is needed.

Silent Auction Chair (Committee) 

Shall assemble a committee to develop a work plan for obtaining as many donations for baskets, silent auction and raffle items for Eagle Pride Night Auction in the Spring.  Shall create a donation request letter, take immediate possession of donations collected, maintain a record of items recieved.  Shall coordinate with Teacher Liaison for basket deadline, putting baskets together/wrapping and identifying other needs.  Shall work with Volunteer Coordinator to ensure volunteers are available to help with the auction.

Teacher Appreciation (Committee) 

Shall assemble a committee to help identify a calendar for a cost effective Teacher Appreciation events.  Shall ensure the following dates are on the calendar: Back to School breakfast on the teacher's first day back, April testing week and May Teacher appreciation.  Shall consider other dates, such as Administrative Week, Secretaries Day and Classified Employees week.  Shall work with closely with Volunteer Coordinator and Treasurer.