Meet your 2017-2018 PTO Board Members!

Executive Board
President:                Julie Williams          360.606.5399
Vice-President:        Kris Miller                360.903.0185
Secretary:                Stephanie Brachman                 360.241.4759
Treasurer:                Jeff Wooden     
Fundraising:             Shari Bare                        360.931.0450
Grants:                     Eileen Correy                 360.885.0231
Grants:                     Misty Wick          360.450.7800 
Volunteer Cord:        Melissa Web            360.852.5043

Committee Chairs
Member at Large       Marie Pham            360.907.6732
Concessions:             Vacant
Book Fair:                  Vacant
Rewards/Box Tops:     Rebecca Cruz                  503.754.8997
Staff Appreciation:      Vacant
Staff Appreciation:      Vacant
Auction:                      Christina Milliken   971.998.5791
Auction:                       Vacant
Community Relations:  Sharma Johnson          360.334.2759
Spirit Wear:                 Vacant
Teacher Liaison:           Gina Helland
School/Administrative Staff:  Gregg Brown Principal, Adam Wallace Associate Principal

The PTO meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm in the media room.

What's the difference between PTO and ASB?

Both ASB and PTO are equally important. Some Basic differences between ASB and PTO... 

The Associated Student Body (ASB) specifically links to the schools, and follows the rules and guidelines issued by the school district.  All fees affiliated with the school will applied toward the ASB account. as well as sports, clubs, class and labs fees.  There are specific guidelines for what the ASB funds can and can not be used for.  ASB funds are recorded with the district and must adhere to district guidelines for disbursement. 

PTO's primary objective, should be to support the school and its students.  If the ASB guidelines prevent them from purchasing classroom items a teacher needs/wants, the teacher can apply for a grant through the PTO who has the discretion to use their funds for such a request.

 Some of the recent purchases include a new projector screen for presentations, white board markers, science equipment.  Additionally, PTO grants over $5000 each year.

PTO committee members are voted on annually.  Shahala PTO operates as a non-profit with By-laws and required monthly meetings.  Everyone is invited to attend PTO meetings and any time or assistance that can be provided is greatly appreciated.